Groundhog's Day Marathon

February 2016

Grand Rapid's Michigan is a hub for endurance athletes, and has been referred to as the "Endurance Capital of America." Four years ago, Don Kern, race director of the ever-popular Grand Rapids Marathon, decided that the world needed a marathon dedicated to Groundhog's Day. So he started it. This six loop course makes the runner re-live the miles time and time again, much like the Bill Murray movie. Historically plagued with sub-zero wind chills, low finisher rates, and double-digit inches of snow, the race isn't for the faint of heart. Until this year. The skies parted, the weather warmed, and the most people ever showed up and finished on a course with plentiful asphalt. It was a blast to get out and photograph some record times, including one runner's 100th marathon finish, and another 101st marathon finish- but only after having done a marathon in Punta Arenas and Antarctica only a week prior. What a day!

Front and Center!!

December 2015

When I hauled all my camera gear 5 miles to the top of a mountain in the middle of Nowhere (Okay- Wartburg), Tennessee, the idea was to to be out there to have fun and enjoy some shenanigans while doing something I love. Shortly after slipping down a slope and slicing my left buttcheek/favorite shorts open, and laughing off my clumsiness with the witnesses, I caught this photo of Scott Breeden who much more majestically navigated the slopes and briars than I did. I never figured this photo would be a cover of Ultrarunning, nonetheless the one of Josh Berry making a centerfold, complete with stories of the two of them and many other athletes. Thanks Carolynn for the opportunity to crew and spectate the premeditated suffering that is Barkley Fall Classic "50k", and everybody there for something to write about and photograph. I am, to this day, still in awe of all of these athlete's stories and efforts.

Trail Runner Magazine

October, 2015

Trail Runner Magazine posts photos and and article by Beyond Outdoor Co. founder, Brandon Yonke, on the front page of their website, and at the top of their email blast. Read the article here.

Barkley Fall Classic 50K

September 2015

The Barkley races are designed to bring athletes to the point of DNF'ing- Did Not Finish. In this race, Beyond founder Brandon Yonke ventured to the mountains to capture athletes crawling up the sides of mountains through thorns, rocks, and ticks, without a GPS, and without a trail. These photos really bring out the best of the race, and the spirit of the trail-crazy athletes that the trail/ultra community is full of.

September 2015


EarthEasy is a retailer of sustainability products for the outdoors and home. They came to us looking for help with bringing the Lifestraw to the spotlight; a way they could drive sales of this brand's products. We did photography of the Lifestraw, the Lifestraw bottle, and the Mission, which is a gravity-fed reservoir filter for groups, or a home away from home. Our photography was paired with writing such as product biographies and experiential stories. www.eartheasy.com

June-August 2015

Ultimate Direction

Located in Boulder, CO, Ultimate Direction creates trail running hydration products. When world-renowned athlete and author Scott Jurek was in the process of breaking the Appalachian Trail fastest known time, Ultimate Direction needed content created that could be converted in to sales. Thats where we came in. We made multiple blog posts about Scott and their various athletes that highlighted the legitimacy of their brand and products. We created media kits that were distributed to their retailers. We also managed their social media, proof read product catalogs, and attended events for them. This freed up time to focus on their core competencies, but also opened up new channels of media and marketing for them to be integrated into. Check out their blog posts from June 23, 2015 until July 27, 2015 to see some of the content we posted.

*Photos of Scott Jurek courtesy of Ultimate Direction & Luis Escobar

August 2015

Cloudline Apparel

Seattle-based merino wool apparel company Cloudline needed original photography and content created that would bring the experience of their brand to their target market. Some adventuring and photography allowed us to contribute to their brand through social media, and the high resolution photos are theirs to create whatever ads or content they desire- of course, this is another service we offer as well. Check out Cloudline's website here.

July 2015

Hardrock 100 Endurance Run

Sometimes, we just go out and do things for the experience and to spend time in the incredible outdoor industry. At Hardrock 100 in Silverton, Colorado, athletes cross 100 mountainous miles, crossing over the top of Handie's Peak, one of Colorado's 14,000+ ft. mountains. Our founder and photographer, Brandon Yonke, took the opportunity to pursue athletes out on the course and capture some photography. Altitude, snow storms, rain, and eventual sunshine made for a wide variety of photography. His photo of winner Anna Frost, below, was publish in Ultrarunning Magazine, September of 2015. Going Beyond is how we are able to get amazing content like this.



Altra Footwear

Zero Limits. That is Altra's tagline, and their products reflect that. Altra creates shoes for road runners and trail runners alike. Their foot-shaped design sets them apart from the competition. We have done various photo shoots of their products in action, and have contributed blog posts and product reviews for them as well. 

Summer/Fall 2014

MS Run The US, Inc.

This nonprofit literally runs across the USA to raise money for multiple sclerosis research. The people and the vast expanse of road told incredible stories. Photography, logistics, athlete crewing, and social media were done by Beyond's founder, Brandon Yonke. He even put in 250 miles in 8 days to raise funds and get the total experience.  www.msruntheus.com